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4 Button 5000M Longest Distance Two-way RF Remote Control / Transmitter

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  • Model: 0021062 (CC-4)

Please Choose:

  • Two-way model: when the receiver gets the signal of transmitter, it will immediately send a return signal to the transmitter.When the transmitter receives the feedback signal of receiver, it will exude a buzzing sound.Feedback function: can let the user know whether he/she had already connect the transmitter and receiver successfully in such a long distance.
  • Please notice that this remote controller can be used only with our 2000-5000M wireless receivers. We usually recommend customer to choose receiver S4PUW-DC/AC.
1. The receiver S4PUW-DC/AC is relay output, it can be used to operate both DC and AC equipments. The terminal is NO / NC (normally open / normally closed), which serves as a switch. That means you should also connect a separate power supply to it. There is a video about The wiring of Relay Output
  • We also have remote control kit to choose
DC Relay Output remote controller kit :

4 Channel DC 2000-5000M Relay Output Two-way Remote Control Kit

AC Relay Output remote controller kit: 

4 Channel AC 2000-5000M Relay Output Two-way Remote Control Kit

  •  If you want waterproof function for this remote controller, you may click here.
Control/Transmitter CC-1 CC-2 CC-4
Button 1 2 4
Button Symbol No Symbol Big Button, Small Button A/B/C/D
Unit Size     135mm x 42mm x 25mm
Weight       90g
Operating Voltage 9V (1 x 6F22 -9V battery, can be used for 12 months. Please switch on the control/transmitter when using it and switch it off when you don’t use it)   
Working Current 65 mA/16mA (transmit / receive a signal)
Standby Current 5μA                                                                 
Operating Frequency 433.92MHz
Transmitting Distance 5000m (theoretically) 
Operating Temperature -10 ° C to +70 ° C
Feedback indication Buzzing Sound
Encoding Type Custom Code
Modulation Mode FSK+LORA
  • Package Include:
1 x Transmitter: CC-4
 1 x 6F22-9V battery
 1 x User manual 
  • Warranty:
The warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, if the remote light switch products have problems in quality, we offer free replacement and you only pay the transport costs of the new package.
  • Other Services:
We provide continuous technical service before and after the sale. We help you choose the suitable products according to your requests before the sale. If you have questions about using the product after the sale, we will always be there.
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