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How To Remote Control AC Heater Fan And Halogen Lamp?

We use 2-channel ac power output rf remote control system (S2X-AC220 & C-2) to switch the heater fan and halogen lamp. Unlike our previous model, this one has working current of 10 amp for each channel. So it is ok to control high power electrical devices such as the ac heater fan and halogen lamp. Its input […]

RF Momentary Remote Control for Firework Ignition

To avoid accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions, it’s better to use remote controller to light the fireworks. In this video we use rf momentary remote control kit S1M-DC12 & C-1 for test. We also offer 9V model S1M-DC09 & C-1. You can go to our online store to find it. Online shop:

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