All posts for the month September, 2013

1 Channel 12VDC RF Remote Control Group for Nitrogen Purging System

Question from customer: I need a remote valve setup for a nitrogen purging system.The valve is 100volt 10amp that needs to be controlled by latching switch setup. I’ve seen many setups everywhere that will work but my problem is that I need some sort of indications, such as a led lamp or something at the […]

4-Channel Multi-Mode DC 24V RF Remote Control Solenoids and Linear Actuators

Question from customer: I need to remotely control two on/off solenoids and two linear actuators on my truck. They are all actuated by 24V power supply in my truck. Do you have a system that will do this? Answer: We recommend the model of 4 channel multi-mode 24V remote control (S4U-DC24+C-4). This kind of remote […]

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