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1CH AC110V 220V Wireless Remote Switch Controls A Lamp Via A Contactor

Someone would like a remote control to switch on and off his lamp via controlling a contactor. He drew a picture to illustrate his idea. Maybe it is not so convenient to him to remote control lamp directly, so he choose to control his lamp via a contactor. We recommend him a 1 channel AC […]

Normally Closed Contact Remote Controlling— Eight Transmitters to One Receiver

Question from customer: I want to install a set of wireless remote controls, include 8 transmitters in 8 different places (max. 500 m) and one receiver in a specific location. The transmitter transmits a wireless signal to control a closed contact. Answer: We recommend normally open/closed contact toggle remote control (S1T-DC12-ANT2+CB-1). According to your requirement, […]

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