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Wall Mounted Wireless Rocker Switch Controls DC Lamp with Time Delay Adjustable Receiver

We can use wall mounted wireless rocker switch and time delay adjustable receiver to control DC lamp. The wireless rocker switch belongs to remote control calling system, which is the hi-tech electronic product which is integrated wireless communication and computer technology. It is widely applied to restaurants, coffee shops, karaoke rooms, discos, sauna rooms, beer […]

Wireless Remote Control Transmitter by Connecting Wires to the equipment with 6 relays

Question from customer:     I can use 4 each of the 6 relay/channel receivers. I cannot use a handheld remote with buttons. I need 4 transmitters that I can control each transmitter with 6 switch / contact     closures. There will be no one there to push a button. Basically there will be 6 relays external to the transmitter that will serve as the input to the transmitter. When any one of the relays operate the transmitter will cause the corresponding relay to close in the receiver. I have  to be able to match each transmitter with one of the receivers so there will be no interference between them.  Answer:    According to your requirement, we advise you to use the facility: it is model S6C-DC12-ANT2 & CB-6. The receiver has 6 relays (S6-DC12-ANT2) and the transmitter has 6 switches (CB-6). You can connect 12 wires of transmitter to the 6 relays in your equipment. […]

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