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2-buttons wireless transmitter remote control one DC lamp on/off

We recommend the wireless remote control device. It is model: S1U-DC12 & C-2L. The receiver (S1U-DC12) is 1 CH and can connect one appliance. The transmitter (C-2L) can remote   control the appliance within 100m/300ft theoretically. The wireless device remote control lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V. For […]

Wireless DC Motor Remote Controller & Digital Screen Speed Governor for adjusting the Speed of Motor Rotation

We introduce the new product here: wireless DC motor remote controller & DC motor speed governor. The controller’s model is: 0020412 (S1XT-DC06/09/12/24 & C-1). The Speed Governor’s model is 0044001.The wireless DC motor control system can remote control motor rotation and the speed governor with digital screen can adjust the speed of motor rotation. The […]

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