DIY Remote Control Firework Ignitor

To avoid accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions, it’s better to use remote control to light the fireworks. Here we talk how to apply our simple rf momentary remote control system to fireworks ignition.

The first picture shows the materials you should prepare:

1 x 1-channel rf momentary remote control (S1M-DC12 & C-1)

1 x fireworks

1 x 12v power adapter

some lines

Now wire the ignition head of fireworks to the rf receiver according to the wiring diagram.

As you see in the picture, press and hold the remote button to light the fireworks. So easy to do it.

Warning: Fireworks are dangerous, so be careful when handling ignition. Clear the area before launching the fireworks, check to make sure your battery is disconnected while wiring up the fireworks.

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