High Power Remote Control Application for Elevator Conveyor

Our company manufactures Alfalfa Cubes for domestic and export use. In order to export this product we must load them into a 40′ sea container. We use a potato pillar that has been modified for this purpose. It has a hopper to put the cubes into and screen out the fines, then the cubes travel up an elevator conveyor to a 20′ boom conveyor that is inside the sea container.

In order to maximize the weight we need the ability to move the boom left to right, up and down, and in or out. We also need to be able to stop and start the 2 conveyors. This is currently being done with electric solenoids over hydraulic and a control box with a cord back to main panel.

The main problem with the corded control box is it is quite bulky and the 30′ of cord is a chore to drag around. It also tends to get dropped so we have to replace the switches quite often, as well if the cord gets run over we will need to change it out or repair it. So we went looking for a cost effective solution and came upon CaryMart high power remote control. We ordered the 12 channel AC220V 30A high power radio remote controller (12S1PUB-220 & CV-12).

We then made a sub panel that would house all of the receivers / relays. The directional receivers / relays are 1 – 6 and the conveyor receivers / relays are 9, 10 and 12. Receiver / relay 11 is a master power for all of the receivers / relays, as we only need the remote control function for loading the sea containers. These receivers / relays are 110V power in and 110V power out to the electric solenoids over hydraulic. These are hooked up with the normally open side of the relay so as when we push the numbered button it then closes and sends power to the solenoids which in turn opens the solenoid and allows hydraulic oil to be pumped to the rams that control the directional movement of the 20′ boom. When we release the numbered button the relay then opens again and the solenoid closes stopping the flow of hydraulic oil.

The next problem we needed to over come was the ability to start and stop the elevator and boom conveyors. These are controlled by 3 phase 480V motor. The main start and stop buttons operate the magnetic coils that close and open the 3 phase contacts. These coils only need 220V to operate them. So by powering receivers / relays 9, 10 and 12 with 110V for remote operation we were then able to connect the 220V magnetic coil controls wire to the output side of the relay. To start the conveyors the relays need to be normally open and closed to energize the magnetic coil when a numbered button is pushed. Then return to open when numbered button was released. Receivers / relays 9 and 10 are our 2 start relays in this operation. Now to stop the 2 conveyors because they are linked in a series we just needed to stop the boom conveyor and in turn they would both stop. This was done by using receiver / relay 12 that is wired normally closed. So when a numbered button was pushed the relay would open and break the power going to the magnetic coils and return to closed when numbered button was released.

In conclusion all of the receivers / relays have an input power of 110V and receivers / relays 1 – 6 and 11 have output power of 110V. The receivers / relays 1 – 6 have a jumper setting to momentary while receiver / relay 11 has a jumper setting to toggle. The 3 remaining receivers / relays 9, 10 and 12 have output power of 220V with a jumper setting to momentary.

By purchasing and installing this remote control bundle we no longer need to pack the corded control box around and should cut time and repair cost. It also allows our employees to remain out of the Alfalfa dust from screening fines from our product.

Online shop: www.carymart.com

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