How to remote control camera?

Have you ever thought about remote controlling the shutter of your camera, so you can take pictures without needing to physically touch the camera? Besides, the remote should be radio frequency (RF), not infrared, because infrared remote requires clear line-of-sight and will not work in the situation like kite photography.

Here today we will talk how to apply our rf remote control system to remote-controlled photo taking.

Look at the picture below, we choose a dc12v 4-channel receiver model of S4C-DC12 and a 3-button waterproof remote model of CWB-3. Remote distance is about 50 meters.

First step: Plug the shutter release cable to the remote control terminal on camera.

Second step: wire the shutter release cable to the receiver according to the wiring program.

Third step: Press button A to Focus. Press button B to take photograph. (Button C is for Bulb mode, but we didn’t use it here.)


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