How to use one-button remote operate two controllers simultaneously?

Question from customer:

What I am looking for is one-button remote operating 2 receivers simultaneously. Working voltage of one receiver is AC220V, voltage of another is DC12V. Push button – ON, push another button – OFF.

Answer to the question:

We recommend ac receiver S1T-AC220, dc receiver S1T-DC12 and one-button remote C-1.

So how to make the remote operate two receivers at the same time?

Take light control for example. We use receiver S1T-DC12 to switch a 12v led light and receiver S1T-AC220 switch an ac lamp. The remote is supposed to control two receivers.

As you can see in the picture below, we solder two receivers and one remote with same code as 00000002. So that they can work together.

Now wire the led light to the receiver S1T-DC12 and the lamp to the receiver S1T-AC220.

Press the remote button to switch both the lamp and the LED light on. Then press the button again to switch them off.

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