Remote Control Baseball Scoreboard

A scoreboard is an essential device that allows spectators and players to be able to know the score at every point in the game. This is very important for competition as teams usually strategize their games based on the information displayed on the scoreboard such as the time remaining in the game, which team is in the lead, and by how many points?

One customer tried to use our rf remote control system to control the baseball scoreboard. He needed an 8-button remote and he asked us to change the function of each button to what he wanted (seen in the picture below). He also wanted an 8-channel receiver. The receiver was supposed to be wired to the scoreboard. The remote controlled the scoreboard by controlling the receiver. The place he stood was about 400 FT away from the Scoreboard. So the transmitting distance of remote should be above 400 FT.

We recommend 8 channel rf remote control system 0020037 (S8CA-DC12 & CV-8) to him. It includes an 8-button remote transmitter and an 8-channel receiver. The theoretical transmitting distance is 1500 FT. But in actual operation, it is hindered by trees, walls or other obstacles, or interfered by other signals. Therefore, the actual distance cannot reach 1500 FT. So we suggest him add a external magnetic mount antenna to the receiver to get longer range.

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