RF Wireless Remote Control Traffic Lights

Question from customer:

I need a remote switch that will operate 3 12V DC light circuits or outlets. I want to control traffic lights, Circuit #1 Red Light, Circuit #2 Green Light, Circuit #3 Yellow light. When green is on, red and yellow are off; when red is on, yellow and green are off; when yellow is on, green and red are off.

Answer to this question:

We would like to recommend a dc 12v 4-channel remote control kit. Remote distance is about 100 meters.

Let’s do a demonstration of this remote control.

First, we should prepare some material for this demonstration.



1×solderless breadboard

1×red led indication light

1×yellow led indication light

1×green led indication light

some lines

DC 12V power supply


Step 1:

Connect three led indication lights to the solderless breadboard and connect them to the receiver.

Step 2:

Connect to 12 V power supply.

Step 3:


Press button 1, switch on red light and turn off other lights.

Press button 2, switch on green light and turn off other lights.

Press button 3, switch on yellow light and turn off other lights.

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