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12-Channel DC Remote Control Switch Controls 2 AC Motors

RF remote control transmitter & receiver model of 0020204 (S12CA-DC09/12/24 & CV-12) includes one 12-button remote transmitter and one 12-channel receiver. Each remote button controls each channel of receiver on and off. It can be used to control at most 12 same or different on / off electrical devices. Remote distance is up to 500m. […]

12-Channel Remote Control Firework Ignition System Ignites Momentary Fireworks

Momentary firework ignition system has been promoted recently. It can ignite various kinds of electric fireworks directly, just like momentary fireworks which go off in a second. Remote control firework ignition reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions. It contains 12-button remote transmitter and 12-channel ignitor. Each channel can ignite about 25 fireworks simultaneously. […]

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