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2 Wireless Remotes Controls DC Radio 2-Channel Receiver

Overview: I need a 2 channel receiver with two 1 channel remotes. a remote to activate the channel A of the receiver, and another remote to activate the channel B. Is it possible with the remote CWB-1 and which receiver? Answer: We recommend 2 channel dc input receiver (S2U-DC12) and two 1-button 50m transmitter (CWB-1) […]

DC6V Momentary Remote Controller Controls 6V Motor Rotation

We have 6V momentary remote controller to be promoted. It is designed for 6V electric devices specially. This 2 channel wireless remote control momentary on off switch is widely applied to control on off electrical devices such like lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors / locks / windows / blinds, etc. Now we’d like to […]

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