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Inversion Momentary Motor Controller for AC Motor

This kind of inversion momentary motor controller (S1FM-AC220 & CV-2-2) features in controlling ac motor of rolling blinds/ doors, window cover, projection screens, awnings, water pump, winches, conveyors or other appliances and mechanicals. It can always keep motor running in positive or reversal position if pressing and holding button ▲ or ▼ on remote or […]

Remote Controller for Double-Pole-Double-Throw Switch to Control AC Motor

A DPDT switch has six connections, but since polarity reversal is very common usage of DPDT switches. DPDT switch can be wired to motor to realize positive and reversal rotation. Recently, we develop a kind of 4 channel wireless remote controller kit (S4PA-AC220+CV-4-2) which aims at replace DPDT switch to remote control other appliances, lights, motors, […]

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