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How to Remote Control a Motor and a Lamp with One Transmitter

We are about to recommend remote controller which is applied to both motor and lamp. It is DC12V momentary &toggle remote controller (S1F-DC12 & C-3-2), which features in motor forward-reverse capability. You can rotate the motor in positive or reversal direction by transmitter from any place within a reliable distance, wireless signal pass through walls, […]

DC Motor Rotates Automatically by LED Tube Circuit Board Controller

We have set and saved the following data previously: 15:10  Motor rotates in positive direction. (The first operation), that is (W:3  C:1  R:+ WORK). 15:11  Motor stops. (The second operation), that is(W:3  C:2  R:0 WORK). 15:12  Motor rotates in reverse direction.(The third operation), that is (W:3  C:3  R:- WORK). 15:13  Motor stops. (The fourth operation), […]

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