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DC Motor Rotates Automatically by LED Tube Circuit Board Controller

We have set and saved the following data previously: 15:10  Motor rotates in positive direction. (The first operation), that is (W:3  C:1  R:+ WORK). 15:11  Motor stops. (The second operation), that is(W:3  C:2  R:0 WORK). 15:12  Motor rotates in reverse direction.(The third operation), that is (W:3  C:3  R:- WORK). 15:13  Motor stops. (The fourth operation), […]

LED Tube Circuit Board Automation Timing Setting for DC Motor

We have already set the inbuilt clock of LED tube circuit board. The next step is time setting of motor rotation and stop automatically. We still use button S1~S3 to set or adjust time. Suppose that the real time is February, 19th 2014, 15:00, Wednesday. We will set the following data: 15:10, Wednesday, motor rotates […]

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