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Remote Control 4 AC Lamps

2000M long range 4CH AC power output remote control kit (S4X-AC220-ANT2+CB-4L) is recommended here. 4-button transmitter is compatible with 4 channel receiver. One button is to its correspondent channel. You can connect 4 lamps to receiver. This remote is 220VAC power output so you have not to supply any power to controlled lamps. With external […]

Long Range Time Delay Remote Controller Switches 110V AC Pump Off/On

Overview: I want to turn on a small 110vac pump from 3-4 locations, and have it run for 120 seconds, what will work? Solution: We recommend long range time delay remote model (S1DA-AC220-ANT2 & CB-2) to you. With 1 channel relay normally open/closed contact, this remote controller can controls lights, motors, fans, electric operated doors, […]

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