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Manual button DC motor long range wireless remote controller

We recommend the wireless remote control equipment here. It is model: S1PF2-DC12-ANT2 & CB-4. The receiver (S1PF2-DC12-ANT2) can connect motor and output voltage is DC 12/24V. The transmitter (CB-4) is 4 channels and remote control distance is 1000m/3000ft theoretically. You can connect one motor to receiver and use the wireless transmitter to remote control motor […]

Wireless Push-button Switch and 1 Channel Receiver Switch Home Light Off and On

In building wiring, a conventional light switch is a switch, which most used in turn off and on lights, permanently installed on the wall. Gradually, those conventional manual operated light switches may be substituted by wireless remote control switches. Our wireless push-button switch (HT-1) controls light off and on at ease, with stick-on back of […]

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