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Low Current Triggered Transmitter and 1 Channel Long Range Receiver Controls LED Runway Lights at Private Airport

Overview: “I am looking for a remote and multiple receivers for a small private airport. We have a controller box switch that activates when you key the microphone 7 times on a specific frequency. I would like to plug a dc power adapter into this unit and wire into one of your remotes. The runway […]

2000m remote control receiver by wireless transmitter which connect with dry contact

This is a wireless remote control system which one device operates another one device. It is model: S1L-DC12-ANT2 & CB-2N. The feature is the wireless transmitter (S1L-DC12-ANT2) remote control the receiver (CB-2N). But the transmitter don’t need to handheld for operating by someone. The transmitter is controlled by the relay (dry contact) of a device. […]

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