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Sensor Switches Light On and Off Via Low Current Activated Transmitter and 1 Channel Receiver

Question from customer: Hello, I have a question about your products and a system I’m attempting to build. I have four sensors that give off about 5 volts when activated. When a sensor is activated I want to transmit a signal to a light and turn on a light. The basic design is: Sensor —> Transmitter  –>(Wireless)–> Receiver —> Light What […]

6V Latched Remote Receiver and Low Current Triggered Transmitter Control a Designated Appliance of Receiver

Question from customer: I want a remote controlling unit that the transmitter is to function as a switch to the receiver activated by supplying a 6V DC current to the transmitter (switch it on). The receiver then allows a 6V DC current to be supplied to a designated appliance. When the transmitter is shut off […]

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