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Remote Control Linear Actuator

30 amps dc output controller (S1PF-DC12-ANT2+CB-4) is designed for motor controlling. It is compatible with many kinds of motor which is actuated by DC 12V/24V. It is applied to DC motors of rolling blinds / doors, projection screens, awnings, pumps, winches, conveyors or other appliances. We add external extended antenna to the receiver, so we […]

Infrared Motion Detector Controls AC Lamp

We will try to make motion detector AC lamp with infrared motion detector (W-01) and AC activated rf receiver with time delay function (S1DA-AC220). The working distance of motion detector is 100m (open field). The detection distance is 10m. The rf receiver is an adjustable time delay receiver. This delay time is often user-selectable which […]

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