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High Power Output Mobile Phone WiFi Controller Actuates Linear Actuator Motor

We’d like to introduce another kind of mobile phone WiFi controllers-8 Channels AC or DC 30A High Power Output WiFi controller (WF-8-2R). This WiFi controller is 8 channels AC or DC 30amps output, so you can use it to remote control high power device. We will show you how to remote control linear actuator. Here […]

8 channels relay output wireless WIFI controller of remote control motor by android device

Question from customer: I am looking for a WIFI controller to operate 2 motors (Forward and Reverse) I would like this controller to be operated by a android or IOS device. Answer: We introduce the wireless WIFI controller to you according your requirement. It is model: WF-8-1R. The WIFI controller is 8 channels relay output […]

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