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1 Channel Wireless Transmitter of Remote Control Outdoor Lighting

Question from customer:  I want to use your Model: 0020015 (S1PT-AC220 & C-1) to control my outdoor lighting by two possibilities, Is it possible with the Model: 0020015 (S1PT-AC220 & C-1) to turn on  the light by both the remote control or by one push button.   Is it possible to use the switches (push button) which are in my house to cause the opening and closing of the light.   In a word, I wish I could turn the light on or with your remote control or with the push     button which is installed in the house. When pressing the button on your remote that it causes contact in the receiver.Is it possible to also establish this contact by two wires connected to my existing push button in the house. Answer: According to your requirement, we introduce the facility of the model to you in detail. It is model: S1PT-AC220 & C-1. The receiver can be controlled by two transmitters. After you mount the receiver on the outdoor lighting, you can connect […]

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