Wireless Control Six Landscape Lamps On And Off

There are 6 landscape lamps located in different places. Each of them has its own power supply, 120v input and 120v output. If they need to be controlled respectively by one remote controller, which wireless remote control system is suitable?

We would recommend 6 channel ac power output wireless remote control system model of 0020458 (6S1XB-AC110/220 & CV-6). It is one-transmitter-many-receiver-system, which means using one remote transmitter to control many receivers. With direct power output function, both input and output voltages can be same as AC 120V. Remote distance is up to 500m.

Each lamp can be wired respectively to each receiver. Wiring diagram is as follows:

Connect the live wire of power supply to the terminal L; connect the zero wire to the terminal N.

Connect two wires of light to the terminal OUT.

Press button 1 of remote, lamp 1 is on. Press button 1 of remote again, lamp 1 is off.

Press button 2 of remote, lamp 2 is on. Press button 2 of remote again, lamp 2 is off.

Press button 5 of remote, lamp 5 is on. Press button 5 of remote again, lamp 5 is off.

Press button 6 of remote, lamp 6 is on. Press button 6 of remote again, lamp 6 is off.

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