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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 To 2 System

12-Channel DC Remote Control Switch Controls 6 DC Motors
 I want to control 6 dc motors with transmitter. Each two buttons can switch every motor to rotate from different direction. That is to say, one ... more info

Remote Control DC Motor

2-Channel High Power Remote Control Make Motor Rotate in Positive and Reverse Direction
 I need a relay 12 volt power supply, load 30 amp 12 volt. I need to open two wires. One button to make motor run one direction, another button ... more info

1 To 2 System

1 Channel AC 220V Delayed Remote Unit Activated Hot Water Circulator Pump
  I want to use one device to turn on a hot-water circulator in my home for 15 minutes&then have it automatically turn off. I live in a ... more info

Remote Control DC Motor

1 Channel 30A 2000M Remote Controller Controls Fireplace Chimney Fan
I’m looking for solution to remotely control fireplace chimney fan on roof of hi-rise building. Desired range would by over 150- 300ft. Fan is ... more info

1 To 2 System

1 Channel 2000M Remote Controller Unlocks Ice Storage Door Remotely
 We manage a refrigerated ice storage. We are considering an application to remotely unlock the doors using an electric strike. The application ... more info

Remote Control Electric Door

1000m Range Multi-mode Beeper& Vibrator Remote Control Kit
 I’m interested in buying 12 receivers (beepers) and 12 transmitters with 1000m range, but I need to be able to register one transmitter to ... more info

Remote Control Lamp

1 Channel Latched Mode Remote Switch Controls Electric Device On and Off
 Hi I have a 12V powered standalone device that is installed on a carbon fiber ledge (facing up) up on top of a very high carbon fiber mast ... more info

Remote Control AC Motor

1 Channel DC 12V Wireless Remote Control Modem On and Off
 I want to use your system to remote control turn on / off the power of the modem. I go from my office on the third floor of our home to the ... more info

1 To 4 System

1 Channel DC Long Range Remote Control Gadget Controls Flashing LED to Scare Birds
 I want to use the 1 channel remote control to operate flashing LEDs in a tree to scare birds in the evening from roosting
1 Channel 30A DC Remote Control Switch Electric Golf Cart ON and OFF
 My target is to install a remote control system to my electric golf cart. The receiver will be supplied by the 12V/26A of the caddy battery. It ... more info
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