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Frequently Asked Questions

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Remote control outlet

How to design a wireless remote control outlet by yourself?
I want to simply connect a variety of appliances to a socket, and wirelessly control the appliances through remote controls, such as control lights, ... more info

Remote Control Electric Door

How to wireless remote control electric coil gate?
 I want wireless remote control electric   coil gate , which wireless kit should I choose?

Remote Control Lamp

1 Channel Latched Mode Remote Switch Controls Electric Device On and Off
 Hi I have a 12V powered standalone device that is installed on a carbon fiber ledge (facing up) up on top of a very high carbon fiber mast ... more info
How to use a runway light to wireless control the solar windsock lights?
I want to control a solar windsock light , it is about 150 meters away from my runway lights, I want to open the runway lights, and the solar ... more info

Remote control alarm

How to use the dry contact device to wirelessly trigger thealarm horn?
I installed an alarm system in my store, but the store is 600 meters away from my home. I hope I could be alerted at home when the alarm is ... more info

Remote Control Motor

1 Channel 12V Voltage Output Remote Control Unit Switch Motor On/ Off—2000M
 I seek a transmitter-receiver 12V to run a small motor away from 300~500 meters with operating on off.  
How to use RF technology to realize wireless water level automatic control?
I want to control the level of the tank wirelessly by operating the pump, but the distance between the pump and the tank is 100M distance. Which ... more info
How to remotecontrol and monitor the working status of AC pump?
I want to use one of your wireless remote control kits to control an AC pump. When I use the remote control, I’m far away from the pump, so I ... more info


I forgot my password, what should I do?
I forgot my password, what should I do?
I can't log in my account, why?
I can't log in my account, why?
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