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Frequently Asked Questions

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RF Remote Control

12-Channel DC Remote Control Switch Controls 6 DC Motors
 I want to control 6 dc motors with transmitter. Each two buttons can switch every motor to rotate from different direction. That is to say, one ... more info
2-Channel High Power Remote Control Make Motor Rotate in Positive and Reverse Direction
 I need a relay 12 volt power supply, load 30 amp 12 volt. I need to open two wires. One button to make motor run one direction, another button ... more info
How to Remote Control Four LED Lights
 I am looking remote controller to control 4 LED lights. Each of LED lights should be supported a 9V battery and remote controller should ... more info
One Transmitter Controls Four LED Lamps On and Off
 I am looking for a long range (1000m theoretically) RF control. The transmitter can be 4 buttons.  The receivers should be 12V DC models ... more info
Heavy Duty Motor Remote Switch Controls Motor to Rotate Forward and Reverse
 I am trying to purchase a remote that will control a 20 amp 12volt dc motor in both directions momentarily. Could a remote be set with left ... more info
How to Remote Control AC Motor of Pool Cover
  I want to buy one remote control to control his pool cover 120 volt AC 15amp.  
Remote Control a Relay 30A 12V
I want a 12V high power remote which is able to turn on or off a relay 12V30A.
Remote Control Ignition of a Beacon
I'm looking for a system which can remotely control (200m max) ignition of a beacon in 24 V dc.
Wireless High Power Remote Switches On or Off a 30A Relay
I want to   find a 12V high power remote which is able to turn on or off a relay 12V30A. Can you provide me with favorable product?
How to Remote Control 6 Lights simultaneously?
 I need to be able to remotely turn on/off six 100W 12V lights at the same time. All lights ON and all lights OFF at the same time. Each light ... more info
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