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Frequently Asked Questions

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RF Remote Control

How to Remote Control 6 DC Lamps at boat dock?
 I am installing 12v DC lighting on my boat dock. It will operate off a 12v battery with a solar charger. I need a long range on/off remote for ... more info
One Remote Triggers Two Sirens Activated with Different Voltages
 Hello, I would like some help to decide on what system to choose. We have a siren in a building 750m away that we would like to trigger, it is ... more info
How to Remote Control 24V version Device
    We are required a rf remote controller with 2 channel output 24v dc power supply. Then it can be operate nearly 35 meters. Outputs ... more info
How to Remote Control 4 12 volt flood lights of recreational vehicle
 I want to use this remote kit to operate 4 ea.-12 volt flood lights on my RV( recreational vehicle ) from inside my automobile if backing up ... more info
How to Remote Control Car Horn
I would like to get a car horn with a 12v battery. I wonder it will work with which type of receiver and transmitter?
Heavy Duty Remote Control for Air Compressor
 I'm interested in controlling an air compressor remotely. The air compressor is 12v dc and 20 amps. I want this to be a long range remote ... more info
Wireless Momentary Motor Remote Control for Hoist
 I have a ceiling mounted 110v hoist that I need to control wirelessly. It is currently controlled by hanging pendant s. Please advise at to ... more info
Forward & Reverse Motor Remote Controller for Trolley Winch
 I want a remote control to control a trolley winch . How can I add automatic stop sensors or switches to stop the motor when it gets to each ... more info
How to Switch Water Pump On and Off
 I want to remote control a water pump in the upstairs garden on and off from my kitchen which requires a momentary start signal. The pump has ... more info
How to Remote Control 2 LED Lamps Simultaneously
 I need to be able to remotely turn on/off two 100W 12V lights at the same time. All lights ON and all lights OFF at the same time. Each light ... more info
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