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1. Can I change the working frequency of your products?
We have two frequencies of 315MHz and 433MHz; you can choose the right one according to your actual requirement.

2. Can I add more remote controls after I purchase your switches? Can it be equipped with other types of remote controls?
You can add more remote controls after you purchase our switches. Equipped with other types of remote controls is OK. You also can choose all types of remote controls from our remote control category.

3. Can I encode the coding by myself? How to use the new remote control if it has not been encoded the coding?
For the switches and remote controls with fixed code, customers can solder the new coding. Note that the coding of switches and remote controls must be consistent. For the new remote controls, we can help you solder the coding; or you can do it by yourself. The switches and remote controls with learning code are no need to encode the coding. You can directly learn the remote control into the switch.

4. Accessories of alarm systems are exiguous. Can you add more?
The accessories we offer are only for your reference. If you think they are not enough, you can ask more. Besides, we can specially design the suitable accessories for you.

5. I purchased an alarms suit from your website. If the main unit or other accessories are lost, can I re-purchase the new one?
Yes, you can. If you re-purchase the main unit or other accessories, we can help you encode the coding of accessories. Or you can encode them by yourself.

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